After the election, Jen Giroux, Chloe Sanders and Flora Wiegmann decided to channel their collective frustration towards a project that would help counteract fear and confusion due to the imminent threat to women’s reproductive rights under a Trump administration. They decided to co-produce a comedic/political video series aimed at combatting the misinformation surrounding women’s healthcare. Gathering together a team of like-minded women – from artists and comedians to nurses and healthcare activists – they set their focus on the most urgent issues. While the goal was to create a series that was accessible and funny, it was important that the research itself was thorough and sound.

Part cooking show parody, part public service announcement, In the Kitchen uses food as metaphor to speak to pressing issues, presented by a cheerful and familiar hostess preparing a recipe. In the Kitchen was created by Chloe Sanders and directed by Cynthia Kao and is currently distributed by Whohaha.