In the Kitchen was created by Chloe Sanders and directed by Cynthia Kao.

Written By: 
Bake and Switch: Kerry McGuire
Crockpot and a Hard Place: Kerry McGuire
Mini Quiche: Chloe Sanders and Rachel Borders
Mac and Cheese: Charity L. Miller
Homemade Bread: Chloe Sanders

Bake and Switch: Mae Whitman
Crockpot and a Hard Place: Jane Levy
Mini Quiche: Lilan Bowden and Paul Welsh
Mac and Cheese: Yessica Hernandez-Cruz
Homemade Bread: Nicole Roberts

Executive Producers: Christine Nichols, Chloe Sanders, Flora Wiegmann, Jen Giroux

Co- Producer: Jessica Bues

Consulting Producer: Haley Rawson

Director of Photography: Matthew Hindman

Additional Photography: Joseph Watts

Series Editor: Cynthia Kao

Music:  Katie Day

Graphics: Ryan Moulton

Production Manager:  Jessica Bues

Sound Recordist: Mark Sutton

Gaffer/Grip: Brody Culbertson

Assistant Camera/ DIT: Matt Soson

Hair/Makeup: Skyla Swafford

Props: Flora Wiegmann, Jen Giroux

Production Assistant: Kari Nummelin

Research: Michaela Ferrari, Jessica Bues, Jen Giroux, Flora Wiegmann, Chloe Sanders, Sarah Brafman, Danielle Sinkford

Additional Writers: Chloe Sanders, Caitlin Kimball, Charity L. Miller, Rachael Mason, Rachel Borders, Kerry McGuire

Special Thanks to: Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) Straith Schreder, Donn Sanders, Posie Carroll, Margaret Carroll, Pat Carroll, Betsy Stover, Maureen Bharoocha, Beth Appel, Drew Heitzler, Jane Levy, Danielle Burr, Nancy Hower